Rainbow Riches Special Betfair Offer

If you’re a canny Rainbow Riches fan like me then you will love this great offer from Betfair Casino. They are offering something quite original and lucrative (as well as the legendary Rainbow Riches game, of course!). The offer is this: if  you win, you keep your winnings (of course!). But if you lose, then you get your stake back. Effectively, it means you get another change to win!

Here’s how it works. If you deposit £25 on the day you register, and win, then that’s great. You can walk away a Rainbow Riches winner and the luck of the Irish is certainly on your side! However, should you not be so lucky on this occasion then Betfair will refund your stake. All you need to do is play it through once and you can withdraw it as cash!

This offer is repeated on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th days after your registration. On Day 2 and 3, you will get 50% of your losses returned (up to 50%) and on Day 4, as a special reward, you’ll get 100% back, just like on the day you registered!

If you are a shrewd slot machine player – and if you play Rainbow Riches then you are clearly a player with class – then you’ll love this loss-leader from Betfair. However, you will need to act quick to take advantage as Betfair have announced that the offer will be withdrawn at the end of February, so there are only a few days left to go! You can find full details at www.fruitmachines.biz/Betfair_Review.html.

All the best, Rainbow Riches fans.

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Rainbow Riches – The Nation’s Favourite

It’s official and probably no surprise to the legion of fans out there – Rainbow Riches is the No.1 slot in the UK. The reasons for this accolade are very simple; in revenue terms, Rainbow Riches is by far the leader and on that basis alone the competition are definitely left in their tracks.

However, the brand is just standing still and exciting new versions of this classic game have nee unleashed to the eager playing public. A new hybrid, taking the best from Rainbow Riches and Reel King, has hit the streets (both literally and online) – step forward, Rainbow King. It’s a stunner, with a superb feature round that can deliver awesome wins. The place to see it in action is at Sky Vegas, simply click this link to take you to a great offer where you can get £10 to play the game free! www.fruitmachine.biz.

Lots of other Rainbow Riches derivations can be found both in land-based establishment and online – but frankly, is playing in the amusement arcade the pleasure it ever was? Surrounded by less than salubrious company, ‘sharks’ ready to pounce on your machine the moment you leave it, and the very poor payouts that can be as low as 72% (yikes!) it is fair to say that playing Rainbow Riches online is perhaps the safest, most comfortable and certain the best payout offer you’ll find anywhere.

And that ends another dispatch from me, Rainbow Riches fans. I wish you well and the greatest of success playing the best slot machine ever (in my very humble opinion!). It’s Rainbow Riches!


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Rainbow Riches and The Wishing Well

Morning all . As you know I’m a massive Rainbow Riches fan and want to share my obsession with you all .

Today I’m gonna look at the Rainbow Riches wishing wells including how you get them , what they mean and  how much can win . Finally I’m gonna examine the whole Wishing well Legend . Hope you enjoy.

First let’s see how the Rainbow Riches Wishing wells operate .

To get the wishing well bonus you have to have three or more wishing well images appear on the screen . The more wishing wells you get the more the multiplier’s will be .

Once they appear you then get the opportunity to pick one and depending on which one you pick you will then win a cash prize that equates to your stake multiplied by the wishing well multiplier . So if your stake is say £2.00 and the wishing well that you pick has a multiplier of 40 you will win 40 x £2.00 (£80.00).

It’s as simple as that .

Now , wishing wells , what’s the legend ..

The Celtic and Germanic peoples of Europe regarded water as sacred, and often marked pools with a wooden statue or other idol commemorating the god believed to control the water source. Ancient Nordic myth described a “well of wisdom,” which would give knowledge and discernment to anyone who sacrificed a precious object to its depths. The Norse god Odin sacrificed an eye to the well, gaining the gift of foresight and endless wisdom, in addition to an understanding of the reasons behind the mysterious workings of the universe.

Germanic tribes would often throw the armor of conquered enemies into bogs and other water sources, as offerings to their gods. Over time, the practice of tossing coins into wells as a price for the deity in the well to grant a wish. The wish would be granted, depending on how the coin landed in the bottom of the well.

The idea of throwing a coin into a wishing well is also ancient. According to many cultures, a wishing well will grant the desires of someone who stands over the well and either speaks the wish aloud, or concentrates on it while drinking the water of the well. The gods, however, are unlikely to give away something for nothing, and therefore most wishers left offerings, which frequently took the form of food left next to the wishing well, although money was also an appropriate symbolic offering.

Famous Wells

Coventina’s Well: Ancient Celts worshipped Coventina, and threw coins to the goddess in a pool in Northumberland, England. Over 16,000 coins have been found in this well, ranging from the 1st-5th century. Despite the great number of coins offered there, the actual value of the coins was not very great: the equivalent of throwing pennies in today’s wishing wells.

The Well of Pen Rhys: In Oxford, people of the 1800′s would sojourn to a well famed for its healing powers. Visitors would tie their clothing to a nearby tree and toss a coin, button, or pin into the well in exchange for divine healing. A specific divinity is not associated with the well of Pen Rhys, unlike Coventina’s well (devoted to a specific goddess).

Trevi Fountain: The Trevi Fountain was formed at the junction of three roads in Rome. In the 15th century, a fountain was commissioned for the ending of the Roman Aqueduct, and the fountain was created. The fountain’s current look was finished in 1729 by Giuseppe Pannini. The Trevi Fountain currently receives over €3,000 per day, and the proceeds assist with funding a market for Rome’s poor.


That’s all folks,hope you all find your very own wishing well .






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Welcome To Rainbow Riches

Rainbow Riches   Hello , Welcome to My Rainbow Riches blog .

First let me tell you a little bit about me. You’ve guessed it I’m a massive Rainbow Riches fan and have been for many a year.
I first spotted this iconic Barcrest game in 2005 and found myself actually seeking out Rainbow Riches machines to play on .

However as the game’s popularity soared it got more and more difficult to find machines that weren’t already occupied and at one point found myself actually queuing up to play .

Then came the internet version and since then I have able to play where and when I want .

What next, well such was my obsession with the lucky leprechaun that I decided to set up a web site dedicated to the wee fellow and thus was born my very own rainbowriches.biz.
The whole purpose of this site is to spread the word and let you all know why, in my opinion, this game is simply the best.Not only that, but during my long and very happy relationship with the wee fellow, I also have uncovered many secrets to getting my hands on those all elusive Pots of Gold . Probably the best one is that of longevity. By this I simply mean that the longer you play the more chance you have of hitting the Jackpot .
One of the best ways to maintain this longevity is to boost your bankroll with free money.
After researching long and hard I have found not only some of the best places to play good old RR but have also found some free money – in the form of great casino sign up bonuses.
Want to know more then simply visit my web site and try it for yourself .

Even if you don’t want to play for real money then you can still enjoy Rainbow Riches and simply play it for free .

Well, that’s probably all you want to know about me for now. But if like me you love RR then hopefully your gonna love my site and this blog and of course I’ll keep bringing you  all the latest RR deals and all the latest RR news as it happens.

Good Luck RR fans

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